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Marine Electronics

With years of experience, Pelig Ltd. has an international reputation as a reliable partner for navigation systems for the professional shipping and shipbuilding market. The product range comprises well-proven gyro compasses, adaptive autopilots, steering control systems, navigation radar, electronic sea charts (ECDIS), and highly customized Integrated Bridge and Navigation Systems (INS / IBS).

At Pelig Ltd. all projects are closely accompanied by project management, from project outline and specification of systems through project realization to setting in operation. The extended worldwide after sales service contributes to low operation costs through minimized vessel downtime, maximum on-time arrivals and reduced workload ashore.



JRC's Integrated Bridge System, the Ocean Explorer, is comprised of JRC’s high performance navigation and communication products, resulting in optimum navigation programming and automatic navigation for each type of ship, thus ensuring economic and safe sailing, while supporting the One-Man-Bridge operation

JRC IBS Diagram


  • ECDIS and Auto-Pilot system interfaced to provide intelligent and efficient maneuvering performance, meeting requirements of ANTS.
  • Radar/ARPA communicate course position, speeds and other numerical/symbolized data of local ship and other vessels in proximity; overlaid on easy-to-read color radar screen.
  • Conning Display provides a comprehensive overview of the ship's position, course, speed, rudder angle, rate-of-turn, propeller revolution, wind and drift.
  • High definition ECDIS enabled with same page Raster & Vector charts, automatic Navtex markings and ENC (Electronic Navigational Chart) updates via Inmarsat-B communications.
  • IRCS (Integrated Radio Communication System) allows centralized control of all radio communication equipment from a single station.
  • Fleet Management System Software

Effective Support of monitoring navigation condition

The system linked with navigation sensors and relevant equipment improves the reliability and applicability of navigation data, and realizes the data sharing onboard. The system provides the measurement for navigation alarm monitoring and transfer to backup officer, if an officer of watch would be in accident.

Applicability for automatic tracking control

The automatic tracking control, that has the fail-safe function on considering the environmental such as abnormal sensor situation and current affection, is utilized. The control that is applied for the vessels of various types to automatically maneuver will be effect for economical operation

Information concentration

The information such as alarm indicating collision / grounding avoidance or failure of components shows on the information screen with concentrated in the system. This function will be effect to reduce the stress in watch, also capable to take a quick action in emergence scene.

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